The Training

Eternity Matters Most Network

Eternity Matters Most is focused on training effective and eternity changing missionaries and church planters. One of our main goals is to help all Christians understand that they are created to be missionaries of Jesus where they live. We develop creative and courageous missional leaders for the American mission field.

What Our Training Program Offers:

This is designed to be a 12 to 24 month program to train and equip missionaries, worship leaders and church planters and launch them into a life of effective eternity changing mission.

Mission Church Experience:
You will be able to serve in one of our network churches alongside our other network missionaries and church planters. Each week you will gain important practical lessons and experience in leadership, worship leading, missional living and church planting.

Weekly Mentoring and Coaching:
Meet each week with the Eternity Matters Most leaders and coaches. All our coaches are church planters with years of experience and practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is to get rid of any negative baggage and provide healing and a clean canvas in your heart and mind for the Spirit to paint His bigger picture for your life and ministry. We will focus on Core Attitude training. You will be able to know, apply and clearly defend the core attitudes of Jesus Christ that run and rule the mission of His church. This weekly open and honest sharpening of brothers unified in mission is a huge and important aspect of the EMM network.

Weekly Systematic, Exegetical and Historical Training:
We are blessed to have Rev. Dr. Wayne Braun lead this curriculum and weekly training sessions. He is a gifted teacher, theologian and pastor and one of his strengths is making a difference in the lives of mission minded young men.

Other Training Resources and Partnerships:
We are blessed to partner with The Five Two Network and The Forge Dallas Network. You will be able to meet monthly with these mission training network partners. We also utilize the SMP program through our Lutheran seminaries to train and certify our church planters as LCMS pastors. You will also be able to take part in Mission Training and Church planting conferences across the country.

GraceBomb Records:
God has started a grass roots training ground for musicians and worship leaders here. You will be able to learn from and record with these gifted musicians and develop and use your musical talents in church plants and as a missionary.

Eternity Matters Most is a growing network of church planters, worship leaders, auxiliary mission plant church workers and missionaries.

Our goal is to train, launch and place 10 men in 2013 and 2014. The goal is for almost all of these men to be placed in church plants as pastors and auxiliary staff and church workers needed to grow a healthy and thriving church plant that also grows into a church planting church.

The estimated monthly costs of Coaching, Training, Recruiting and Housing these men is $5000.

All the church planters and missionaries in training will also be worker priests who are designed to have jobs in the community as well as do personal fundraising to pay for their other living expenses.

Our goal is to grow to training 12 men in 2015.

The goal of EMM is that many of these men will end up being trained and rostered church planting pastors. We will continue to utilize the Church Planter Assessment Process of the Tx District to aid in this process. The other men will be trained and ready to be the “cover men” and auxiliary staff needed to launch and grow healthy church plants.

A purpose and vision of this network is to recruit and bring in men from all over the country and from our Concordia internship system to house, train, equip and launch church planters and auxiliary church workers. This will turn into a funnel and cultivation ground of future church planters that otherwise may not have been prepared or realized their call to be used by Christ in this way. We will also recruit and train Tx District and LCMS church planters through our leadership roles as Catalysts and coaches in the Five Two Network and the Forge Dallas Network.

We believe this network is truly a blessing from God and offers a combination of unique and powerful training opportunities that are hard to find anywhere else.