Core Attitudes

The Core Attitudes of Jesus Christ run and rule everything about the Eternity Matters Most Network.  All the missionaries and church plants in the network live and die by these attitudes. These are not the core values of this network or of its individuals. These are the core attitudes of Jesus Christ which are transcendent and designed to lead Christ’s church on this earth.

Jesus’ Core Attitudes for Life and Ministry

Attitudes that Jesus desires every single Christian, Church Leader, and Congregation to embrace and live out.

  1. Eternity Matters Most
  2. It’s Not About Me
  3. The Lost Sheep Lens
  4. A Timeless Message For Current Culture
  5. Matthew 18
  6. The Journey Continues
  7. Constant Worship
  8. The Bible is the Fuel Needed for A Missionary Lifestyle
  9. Tithing and Extreme Generosity
  10. Lives of Invitation
  11. Next Generation Priority
  12. The Launching of New Church Plants and Missional Leaders

Click the link below for the full document which includes the defiintions and scripture references describing these Core Attitudes of Jesus.

Core Attitude Definitions and Scriptures