About Eternity Matters Most

Eternity Matters Most is focused on training effective and eternity changing missionaries and church planters.  One of our main goals is to help all Christians understand that they are created to be missionaries of Jesus where they live. We develop creative and courageous missional leaders for the American mission field.

Being a missionary is not determined by where you live. Being a missionary is determined by the mission you are on!


The United States is a country full of people who need Jesus. Yet, each day we find a smaller percentage of the American population connected to the Savior Jesus, or a Savior-focused church home. Out of the 195 countries on the planet, America now ranks as the 3rd largest mission field in the entire world. Recent statistics also show that 245 MILLION Americans are now disconnected from an active faith journey in the Savior Jesus. It is time for American Christians to face the truth….the America of today is a huge ripe mission field! If we really believe in a heaven and a hell, then the biggest priority in our lives should be the same of Jesus. Jesus wants all people to have a saving relationship with Him because ETERNITY MATTERS MOST!

American Christians and congregations have come to believe that missionaries are specifically trained people that are sent overseas to do Christ’s mission. The Biblical truth is that every believer in Jesus is a missionary.

Being a missionary is not determined by where you live but by the mission you are on!

Eternity Matters Most trains missionaries, church planters and ALL BELIEVERS IN JESUS to live joyously and effectively as a passionate missionary for Jesus with the people and places they already spend their life with.

In the past two years, the Eternity Matters Most Network has launched three churches, has launched student movements at the University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University and has trained dozens of missionaries, church planters and missional leaders. God is so much bigger than anything we can dream of and we know Christ has so much more planned for us to do to bring eternity to thousands who have yet to know Christ.